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When I Was 12: Robert Pattinson

At Hogwarts school, Cedric Diggory was a top prefect, but was Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire actor Robert Diggory such a perfect pupil when he was at school? (Gozde: Robert Diggory? Oh Rob you came a LONG way )


Did you have school dinners or packed lunch?

School dinners. We didn't have packed lunches at my school. I was a lunch monitor as well - I used to take everyone's chips!


What was your most embarrassing moment?

Up until I was 12 my sisters used to dress me up as a girl and introduce me as 'Claudia'! Twelve was a turning point as I moved to a mixed school and then I became cool and discovered hair gel.


How much pocket money did you get?

I started doing a paper round when I was about 10. I started earning £10 a week and then I was obsessed with earning money until I was about 15.


Did you have a nickname?

Patty because my surname is Pattinson.


What was your favourite cartoon?

I quite liked Sharkey and George and then there was a cartoon with rapper MC Hammer in it - Hammertime - I loved that cartoon, it was genius! They don't make cartoons like that anymore.


Who was your hero?

Probably Eminem as I was really into rap - or Jay Kay from Jamiroquai.


Who was your favourite teacher?

Probably my English teacher because she got me into writing instead of just answering the question. I used to hand in homework with 20 pages of nonsense and she'd still mark it. She was a really amazing teacher.


Were you ever bullied?

Someone stole my shoelaces once from my shoes. I still wear them and never put laces in them - they're like my trademark shoes now!


What was your worst ever punishment at school?

I got expelled from my school when I was 12 - I was quite bad!


What did your school report say?

They were always pretty bad - I never ever did my homework. I always turned up for lessons as I liked my teachers but my report said I didn't try very hard.


rob, der bis zum 12en lebensjahr als claudia in frauenkleidern vorgestellt wurde, liebte den HAMMERTIME cartoon, war ROBSESSED taschengeld zu "Verdienen" bis er 15 war. hat in der schule nie ein lunchpaket bekommen sonders chips um sich ein essen zu kaufen. er war kein besonders guter schueler was auch seine reporte bewiesen. mit 12 wurde er von der schule "herabgesetzt" weil er zu schlecht war.
Sein spiutzname "Patty" kommt von "Pattinson".
er wurde auch mal gemobbt , ein junge klaute seine schnürsenkel, allerdings war er etwas wie ein modemuoguk für rob,er traegt seine schuhe heute noch oft ohne schnürsenkel . Last but not least: sein lieblingslehrer war seine englischlehrerin weil sie ihn zum schreiben gebracht hat...achso..er mochte eminem gern als er in seiner "rap phase" war.:D:D



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